Midsummer 2017 - Five Questions with Matt McMahon


Question - You've had everyone on campus for about three weeks now. How have the new guys looked so far this summer?

Matt McMahon - To steal a line from Dennis Green, our players are who we thought they were. Everyone has worked extremely hard. They're very passionate and they've lived in the gym.

The new guys are doing great. I think they're really going to enhance the culture of our program. They all love to be in the gym and they are extremely hard workers. The two juniors, Anthony Smith and Shaq Buchanan have college ready bodies. They're both tough and athletic and I think they'll be able to help us right away.

The four freshmen are all very  talented - Ja Morant, Tevin Brown, Brion Whitley, and Devin Gilmore. They're just oozing with talent. They're going to be really good players for us here.

And then I'm really excited about Byron Hawkins, the transfer who sat out last year. He can really shoot the ball well and he has a high basketball IQ. But the two things he will really give us toughness and leadership. And he's a good communicator with his teammates.