Louisville Football: Five Questions with Bobby Petrino


Question: What's your vision of the post-Lamar Jackson era?

Bobby Petrino: I expect us to be better. I expect us to be more balanced, with the ability to get more guys involved, particularly in the running game. I really like our receiving corps coming back. I really think it's one of the strongest corps coming back. I forgot Jaylen Smith missed three games and still had that many catches and that many touchdowns, and Dez Fitzpatrick is a guy that can really go get the ball and adjust to the ball. Seth Dawkins is a big, physical guy that really runs well after the catch.  And then I think that we'll do well at quarterback. Puma is a really good player that's really been an inspiration to all of us because at the quarterback position it's one of transfer throughout the country. He's a very highly recruited young guy with high expectations and came in and sat and supported Lamar at everything that he did. He never once came into my office with any talk about transferring, and I really respect that, and I know he has the respect of all of his teammates on how he's performed every time that he's went out on the field.