UK Faculty group calls for Rupp Arena to be renamed



Faculty in the the African-American and Africana Studies Department at the University of Kenucky submitted a letter to the university's president in which they called for Rupp Arena to be renamed.

In their letter they point out that...

"The Adolph Rupp name has come to stand for racism and exclusion in UK athletics and alienates Black students, fans, and attendees. The rebuilding of the arena and the convention center offer an opportunity to change the name to a far more inclusive one, such as Wildcat Arena. In addition, the University should survey all campus buildings and remove all names of enslavers, Confederate sympathizers (such as William C.P. Breckinridge), and other white supremacists."

This is just one of several steps the faculty asks for in their letter. The complete list is shown below...

Maintain current percentages of Black staff amid uncertain financial environment caused by COVID-19 pandemic
Require all undergraduates take a course on race and inequality
Increase Black representation among faculty to 15 percent, reflecting the population of Lexington
Appoint more Black faculty and staff to leadership positions
Increase support for Black students
Establish a system of accountability for those who commit racist and other acts of discrimination on campus
Fund the new Commonwealth Institute for Black Studies
Join the Universities Studying Slavery collective and begin a major study of the history of slavery and racism
Minimize the university' cooperation with Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) and the Lexington Police Department
Rename Rupp Arena