Ron Greene: A Racer Legend


Greene was only there for a single semester, though.

"I got sick and didn't really recover very well from it, so I came back home," he recalled. "That's when Cal Luther had just taken the job at Murray State. He had coached at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, so he knew about me and I ended up coming down here along with a high school teammate of mine, Bill Newton.

"He had a green and yellow Buick, and Bill and I slept in the back seat all the way down here. We didn't think we were ever going to get here because it's a long way. He told us he watched us in high school, but he didn't think he could recruit us to DePauw. But since Bill left Kansas and I left Bradley, he wanted us to come to Murray State. We both said yes. I stayed, but Bill left after one semester, I think."

It would turn out to be a fortuitous decision for both Greene and MSU.

"I played for one of the winningest high school basketball coaches in Indiana history, Howard Sharpe," Greene declared. ďAny success I have had can be attributed to playing for him and Cal Luther.

"Coach Luther was one of the best teachers the game has ever known. There are bigger names, but no one was a better teacher than Cal Luther."

The teams Greene played on at MSU were always competitive but never posted gaudy records. They did have their moments though.

"When I was a senior, we went to Eastern Kentucky and they had won 40 in a row at home," he recalled. "We had some young guys on the team. I was a senior and the captain, and I just didn't tell them we weren't supposed to win. They didn't know any better and I didn't tell them. We broke Eastern's 40-game home winning streak."

 By that time, Greene had already decided he wanted to be a  coach.

When he was a junior, while sitting in an adolescent psychology class, it hit him that he hadn't really grown up.

"That was the year I kind of discovered myself," he recalled. "Before you can help anyone else, you have to understand and know yourself. That happened to me in adolescent psychology class.

"My degree from Murray State prepared me for coaching as well as anything could have. I majored in physical education and I minored in business administration and psychology. That gave me a background in business and human behavior, as well as basketball."

Following graduation, Greene stayed at Murray State and earned a masters degree, as well as an ROTC commission in the Army. He also helped coach the Racers' freshman team.