Murray State Jersey/Number Retirement



Murray State Athletics announced a new protocol to bring clarity and transparency to the Murray State Athletics jersey/number retirement process.

This new protocol differentiates between the retirement of a jersey, versus a number, and outlines specific criteria honorees must meet for consideration. The protocol allows for public nominations and a thorough vetting process to include Murray State University Athletics staff, Hall of Fame Committee, Director of Athletics and the University President.

"Honoring our past is critically important," Director of Athletics Kevin Saal said. "Development of a transparent and consistent jersey retirement process is important for both the history and future of Murray State Athletics. We have been blessed with tremendous student-athletes throughout our storied history, who have paved the way for those who are privileged to represent us today. This protocol represents our desire to honor historical achievements and commitments, while charting a clear direction for future recognitions."

Jersey retirement nominations may be made by current MSU Hall of Fame members or any current member of the Athletics Hall of Fame Committee. Nominees must be, at a minimum, a five-year member of the MSU Hall of Fame. Nominees will first be evaluated by the MSU Athletics Media Relations Office, after which the Director of Athletics will convene a sport-specific research subcommittee of current/former coach(es) and/or administrators who have knowledge of the sport and insight on the candidate. The Director of Athletics will draft a report/recommendation, to be reviewed by the Hall of Fame Committee annually each spring (typically in April). The Hall of Fame Committee will serve in an advisory capacity rendering a recommendation to the Director Athletics and the University President.

Any numbers, regardless of sport, retired prior to October of 2020 will remain retired and out of circulation; not to be worn again, except for rare circumstances, only with permission from the honoree and/or their family. Retired jerseys will be honored and displayed permanently in the respective athletics facility, however, the number will remain in circulation.

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