Flashback: Steve Prohm Q & A December 27, 2011



RI: This year he is often asked to defend bigger players but he's excelled at that and is tied for third on the team in blocked shots with seven despite being just 6-1. How does he block that many shots despite his lack of size?

SP: I just think he plays with a high level of energy. He's been drilled for five years on how we want to play. So he knows our system inside and out. He flies around and he makes it easier on other guys.

RI: At the beginning of the season you said that you were going to have to rely heavily on Isaiah Canaan and Ivan Aska. How would you assess their play so far?

SP: I think Isaiah has been terrific. You look at his statistics and he has great numbers. He's doing a lot of different things for us. He's getting to the free throw line a lot more this year and that's been huge for us.I thought Ivan needed to double his numbers. I didn't think he could average seven points and five rebounds if we were going to be successful. He's averaging 13 points and about six rebounds. I would still like for him to rebound better and we've talked about that. But his effort and his leadership have been tremendous. He's so locked in and focused. And I think he's done a great job of embracing his role. He's one of our go-to guys and we're going to continue to ride him the rest of the season.

RI: How about Donte Poole and Ed Daniel? Donte has been shooting the ball well for you and Ed seems like he does a little bit of everything.

SP: Donte  has  expanded  his  game.  He's  been  a  fourth guard over the last couple of years. He's stepped into a starting role and he's really embraced that. He's done a good job of making shots and he leads our team in steals. He's really active in getting into the passing lanes and getting deflections.Then you look at Ed and I think he's the one guy everybody always overlooks. He doesn't get all the accolades because he's not getting 20 points, but he's our best low post defender. He guards the other team's best post player. He helps everyone defensively by blocking shots and taking charges. He's tough and he plays hard all the time. And people don't realize that he has a great basketball IQ. He realizes what we want to do on both ends of the floor at all times.