Little Lucy Walz sings National Anthem



Louisville Lady Cards head coach Jeff Walz...

ďI was really proud of her. Itís really something else. Lola and Lucy put on a basketball game for us the other day in their playroom. They made their tickets, and we went up and they had their scanner from their kitchen set and they had the chairs set up. And before the game, Lucy got up with her little microphone and I was shocked. She knew every, single word. And I told her she sounded pretty good. She had talked about signing it for Dana on her Senior Night. Thatís what the game was that they were playing upstairs. So I thought it would be great if she would do it. I had to trick her. She had no idea thatís why I filmed it. Iím sure once I get home Iíll get grief for that. But I was proud of her.Ē

A very special national anthem singer tonight...Lucy Walz!!#GoCards

ó Louisville WBB (@UofLWBB) February 12, 2021

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