Five Questions with Rivals' West Virginia Senior Writer Keenan Cummings


Question: For those who haven't seen West Virginia play, tell us about their press. Do they go all out with it, all the time?

Keenan Cummings: West Virginia doesn't have the same tenacity on its pressure as it has the past couple years and has backed off of it at times unlike the full 40-minute variety which had become a trademark of the program. The Mountaineers still have it in their arsenal though and it's a variation of the old run and stun used at Cleveland State. Once the ball is in-bounded, the Mountaineers will try to force ballhandlers into spots where they can be trapped while the others deny passing lanes. This comes in wave after wave with long, athletic players. The Mountaineers also are aggressive in the halfcourt trying to prevent teams from getting into their offensive sets by extending their man to man defense and trapping as well.