Five Questions with Matt McMahon 6/26/19



Question: What was it like for you, joining Ja Morant and his family at the NBA draft?

Matt McMahon: It was one of the neatest experiences of my life, to get to celebrate that moment with Ja and his family. It's really hard to put into words. It was just pure joy for Ja and his family and his incredibly bright future.

Ja Morant Is one of the most recognized basketball players in the entire world. And he has brought a huge amount of noteriety to our team and the university. When you talk to recruits they know about Murray State now.

It's amazing that during my eight years here we've had three point guards go on to the NBA. And then in that same time we also had one of the best players in school history in Jonathan Stark whi had a very successful year in the G League last year.