Five Questions with Steve Prohm



June 26, 2021...

Question: Billy Kennedy will be inducted into the Murray State Hall of Fame tonight and you'll be speaking on his behalf. Murray State had one NCAA tournament victory before Billy Kennedy. Then, in the 10 year period that started with Billy and continued with you and Matt McMahon they won three. That's kind of incredible isn't it?

Steve Prohm: It is, and I'm going to talk about that tonight when I give my speech. This 10 year period has been the best decade in the history of Murray State basketball. Coach Kennedy laid that foundation, on and off the floor. There's the win over Vanderbilt and the tough loss to Butler. And that spearheads the win over Colorado State and the tough loss to Marquette. And then you get Matt's three straight championships and the win over Marquette. It has been a great run with some great players, and great people leading the program.