Alabama Football: Five Questions with Nick Saban


Question: What do you think of the new NCAA redshirt rule, and how do you plan to utilize it?

Nick Saban:  I think it's a great rule. I think this is a rule that really benefits players and player development. It was very difficult for us as coaches to make decisions as to whether we should play a player, and when you decided to play a player, you had to make sure he was going to play enough so that you wouldn't really waste a year of his eligibility. So I think this is a very, very good rule. I don't really think that -- other than the fact that we'll get to play more young players - I don't think this is something that we're going to try to strategically implement to players to try to get players to stay longer, because, in our case I don't know how much it would benefit us. We have very few fifth-year players in this day and age of football.