Looking Back: Rick Fisher


From an article written in September, 2001...

For most people Murray State football means Stewart Stadium. But, when Fisher came to MSU the games were played at Cutchin Field which was located where the Curris Center stands now.

"It was a neat atmosphere," he recalled. "There was a wall all the way around it. You played on grass and it was right in the center of campus. The crowds there seemed larger because everybody was kind of packed in and it was a neat place to play. It was a lot of fun. But you know it would have been nice to play in a big-time stadium like where they're playing now."

Fisher led the Racers in rushing as a freshman, gaining 871 yards. As a junior he had 1,078 yards and was the OVC's Offensive Player of the Year. That was the first time an MSU player reached the 1,000 yard mark and thirty years later is still the sixth best single season total.

He is fourth in career rushing yardage and tenth in touchdowns scored.

"At one time I had all the rushing records that Murray State ever had," Fisher noted

In his three years of football at Murray State, Fisher played in 30 games, but for him the one that stands out is the third game of his career, a 13-7 victory over Morehead at Cutchin Field.

"Another school I wanted to go to because a lot of my friends were going there, was Morehead," Fisher recalled. "The coach at Morehead said I'd never make it in the OVC as a running back, that I needed to play defensive back. Well, my freshman year against Morehead I  gained 100 yards rushing, gained 100-plus yards receiving, scored two touchdowns and we beat him. So that was a lot of fun."

"Another time we were playing Evansville and we ran a pass over the middle and this one tackle, we were laying beside each other and there was a tight end that had #81 and I was #31 at the time. And this other guy named Jack Wolf caught a pass and was running downfield. Well, the lineman who was laying beside me said, 'Go, go Rick, go! They won't catch him.' And I said, 'That's not me.' So, he jumped up and started running because he knew Wolf wasn't going to go very far."