KHSAA Changes for High School Basketball


Several sources are reporting that the KHSAA has issued guidelines that will change the rules and manner in which high school basketball is played this season. Here is a list of the most significant changes...

1. Jump balls at the start of games and overtime periods will be eliminated. A coin toss at the start of games and first overtime periods to determine who gets possession will be used instead. Subdequent overtime periods will use the alternating possession rule.

2. Players are to maintain social disntancing of at least six feet while on the sidelines and on the "field of play", when possible.

3. Handshakes, fist bumps, and hugs before and after games will not be permitted.

4. Coaches, officials, and all game administration officials are to wear face coverings and gloves.

These guidleines are in the new handbook. To view the new handbook, click here.