The Year in Quotes - Racer Basketball 2005-06 Share on Facebook


Murray State won just two of their first four games. But they opened OVC play with an 80-51 victory over Eastern Kentucky at the RSEC.

"Coach was jumping down our throats earlier in the week for turning the ball over in practice, not taking our time," Issian Redding said after the game. "We came back and just slowed it down and started executing."

"You're not always going to get an open shot after two or three passes," Cronin explained. "I'm real proud of Issian. He has worked extremely hard in the summer and early fall, and everything is beginning to work out for him,"

Few people noticed it at the time but this signaled a shift in style of play that would become obvious as the season wore on. In their first four games the Racers had taken an average of 67 shots per game. The rest of the year they averaged fewer than 57 shots.